Wiyot Tribe
1000 Wiyot Drive
Loleta, California 95551
Phone:  (707) 733-5055Fax:  (707) 733-5601

To reach specific administrative staff or departments please email the following individuals:

Da Rou Gawuk Administration 

Tribal Administrator (CEO Chief Executive Officer)
Michelle Vassel

Administrative Assistant:
Fawn Lopez 


Receptionist/Enrollment Coorinator 
Sarah Lopez

Youth Program Manager
Ina Polanco

Hiwechk Fiscal Department 

Fiscal Director (Chief Financial Officer)

Marie Essig


Ashley Peterson

Fiscal Manager


Fiscal Technician


Shawir Darrudaluduk Natural Resources Department

Natural Resources Director
Tim Nelson

Natural Resources Specialist
Eddie Koch

Patty Torres
Natural Resources Technician

Adam Canter
Natural Resources Technician

Vincent DiMarzo
Food Systems Technician

Gou'Wil Da Lalouluwuk Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services Director (ICWA Advocate):
Myrna Rivera

Social Service Assistant
Tammie Bettis

Licensed MFT
Dr. Rita Wafler
Donna Wilson

Wellness Coordinator
Donna Wilson

Lhatsik Houmoulu’l Cultural Department

Cultural Director:
Dr. Thomas Torma

Ga’muluk  Hagu’n  Public Works Department

Public Works Director (Emergency Operations Manager)
Ted Hernandez

Phone: 707.733.5055 | 800.388.7633

Fax: 707.733.5601

For general inquiries, please use the contact form below