Indian Island Candlelight Vigil

An Indian Island Candlelight Vigil is held every February to remember those who lost their lives in the Massacre. The memorial was also set up to help heal the community. The first Vigil was held on the last Saturday of February in 1992. A vigil has been held each year since that time. With each year, the number of participants has grown. The first year there were 75 participants; in 1996, there were more than 300 people.

The Memorial

This Vigil may be the first memorial for the lives lost where the Wiyot, other Indian nations, and the non-Indian communities have come together. This process helps heal the whole community. A fire is lit. A Wiyot elder lights their candle from the fire and from that candle all candles are lit. A moment of silence is observed, a prayer is given remembering all who have gone before us, songs are sung, poems are read, and one leaves with a feeling of accomplishment.

Woodley Island

February 27, 2010 The Wiyot Tribe set up at Woodley Island for the Candlelight Vigil. It was expected to rain but the sun was shining and the wind blowing which was a blessing. There was a nice crowd all afternoon long awaiting the first Wiyot Bruch Dancers dance. The potluck following the Vigil was a success; good conversations, food and song.

Indian Island Candlelight Vigil