Historic Preservation

Wiyot Tribal Historic Preservation Office

The Wiyot Tribal Historic Preservation Office, one a growing number of Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPOs) throughout the United States, is responsible for protecting, preserving, and managing Wiyot cultural resources on tribal land. The THPO also reviews public and private development within Wiyot ancestral territory, advising and assisting in identification and mitigation of significant resources. The THPO program was established under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, is administered by the National Park Service, and funded through annual Congressional appropriations. For more information on this program please email the Cultural Department.

Native History

Native history is part of our larger national heritage. Federal, State, and local legislation protect archaeological resources, particularly on public lands. If you find any materials that you suspect maybe from native people, please leave them in place, photograph if possible, and contact the Wiyot Tribe 707-733-5055. Discovery of any human remains (including Native American) must be reported immediately to the coroner or law enforcement.