Wiyot Conversational Phrases

As part of this year's Live Your Language Alliance (LYLA) conference, participants were asked to record a list of everyday conversational phrases in their language. Here is the Wiyot recording we made (Wiyot spoken by Michelle Hernandez, with 2 phrases by Della Prince).

List of Phrases

If you would like to see the phrases in print (English and Wiyot), you can download the list of phrases (PDF).

Wiyot Vocabulary DVD Available

I have created a vocabulary DVD based on a word list spoken by Della Prince and recorded by Karl Teeter in 1954 (part of the Wiyot audio collection housed by UC Berkeley's California Language Archive). The DVD combines the original recording with images and captions; in response to tribal members' feedback, I have also added short pauses after each word to allow viewers time to practice the vocabulary.

Screenshot of the video

We'daw salmonberries

Free DVD for Tribal Members

If you are a tribal member and would like to learn some Wiyot vocabulary, please email Lynnika Butler for a free copy of the DVD.

Wiyot Words Pronounced on Your Phone

Attention Smartphone Users!

If you have a smartphone, you can download a QR code scanning app (I chose "QR Code Reader," a free app from Scan, Inc., available for iPhone and Android) and use it to hear Wiyot words pronounced on your phone. I have created a set of vocabulary cards (PDF) for items around the home and office (door, table, mirror, etc.) with scannable QR codes that link to native speaker recordings of each word (speakers are Della Prince and Nettie Rossig). If tribal members are interested, I will continue to create new scannable vocabulary cards (including longer phrases) so that you can practice whenever and wherever you like!

Scan a QR Code Example

Here is a sample QR code for the word dutkshulh ("door"); you can scan it right on the computer screen to see how it works.

QR Code Example dutkshulh door

QR code for dutkshulh

Practice With QR Codes

Download the entire set of home/office vocabulary with QR codes (PDF), which you can print out and post around your home or office. Then let me know what you think, and what types of vocabulary or phrases you would like to practice with QR codes.