Current Grant-Funded Activities (as of Sept. 2022)

NEW! The Wiyot Tribe was recently awarded a 3-year Native American Language Preservation and Maintenance Grant from the Administration for Native Americans. Our project is called Wi Soulatlouy, meaning "We will speak Soulatluk." (July 2022-June 2025)

We will develop two years of school-based Soulatluk (aka Wiyot language) curriculum, as well as a 3-month culturally-based Soulatluk curriculum for the Wiyot tribal community. Click the poster to see a brief description of the project, and check this page for more information and links coming soon! →
Wiyot Day 2022 - wi soulatlouy curriculum development poster Opens in new window
Wiyot Day 2022 - harouklhamun video project poster Opens in new windowNEW! The Wiyot Tribe was recently awarded a 1-year Living Languages Grant from the Bureau of Indian Affairs' Office of Indian Econonomic Development. (July 2022-June 2023)

  • See the OIED press release here
  • Read/listen to Quinn Nelson's Northern California Public Media story about the project here (includes excerpts from an interview with Wiyot tribal member & Da Gou Rou Louwi' Cultural Center Manager Marnie Atkins + linguist Lynnika Butler)
Our project will make Soulatluk more accessible and engaging (=fun!) for the Wiyot tribal community by creating a series of short videos in and about the language. Videos will be created and edited by Wiyot Tribe staff and the Wiyot community, with expert guidance and training by Wiyot filmmaker Michelle Hernandez-Wenzler and her team.

←  Click the poster for more details about the project, and check this page in the coming weeks for updates, links, and details on how to get involved!

NEW! The Wiyot Tribe was recently awarded a 2-year Native American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services Grant from the the Institute of Museum & Library Services (July 2022-June 2024)

This project, which we are calling Qhili Soulatluk ("Wiyot language/people are here") will develop interactive and print maps of Wiyot territory: one for public use, containing no culturally sensitive details; and a comprehensive one for Tribal use only.

We will thoroughly research the pronunciation, meaning, location, and other historical/cultural/ecological import of ALL documented Soulatluk place names in and around ancestral Wiyot territory.

Click the video screen capture to watch the recorded project kickoff meeting, which was held as part of the Natural Resources Department's Sept. 6, 2022 Community Advisory Committee meeting; and/or click the PowerPoint image to download a PDF version of the presentation  

Qhili-Soulatluk_kickoff-meeting Opens in new windowQhili Soulatluk kickoff meeting video

Qhili-Soulatluk_kickoff-meeting_title-page Opens in new windowQhili Soulatluk PDF presentation
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Rou Soulatlouy Conversation Book Project (funded by grant no. MN-00-19-0028-19 from the Institute of Museum & Library Services; Sept. 2019-August 2023)

We are building short conversations in Soulatluk (aka the Wiyot language) based on the Wiyot tribal community's requests and suggestions! These will be published as a print & online book with accompanying audio, and will be provided free to all enrolled members of the Wiyot Tribe. (We will also make every attempt to make print copies available to non-enrolled members of the Tribe; the online version will be available to all.)

← Click the poster to view the project page for updates, draft conversations, and opportunities to participate!

Other Ongoing Activities (as of Sept. 2022)

Past Projects & Activities

This is only a partial list! Contact Lynnika Butler for more information and materials.

Plans for the Near Future

  • Multimedia dictionary creation

Long-Term Goals

  • Creation of a digital database containing all known Wiyot words, phrases and texts from manuscript, print, and audio sources
  • Publication of a comprehensive Wiyot-English / English-Wiyot dictionary
  • Training of language teachers within the Wiyot Tribe