Community Drinking Water

The Natural Resources Department works closely with the Tribe's Maintenance Department to support public health community infrastructure, including the drinking water system and septic system. First, the department provides assistance to the Maintenance Department with its drinking water quality monitoring program, ensuring adequate compliance monitoring and annual generation of the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) for users of the Tribe's community drinking water system. The department also provides support by acquiring funds used to train the tribal drinking water system operators, keeping them certified for water treatment and certification and current on their technical skills.

Water System Infrastructure

Additionally, the department has worked to improve the current water system infrastructure by securing funds from US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), Indian Health Services (IHS), and US Bureau of Reclamation (US BOR) to install a back-up generator to power the drinking water distribution system during periods of local power failure; to construct two new wells to supply the water system and abandon the Tribe's water supply from their old well near McNulty Slough (water from the old well contained excess levels of National Secondary Drinking Water Regulated contaminants); and make improvements to the community septic system, including new septic tanks and a completely revamped septic leach field.

Water pump