Indoor Air Quality

When we think of the environment, we often think of nature and the outdoors. However, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an important aspect of our environment because we spend so much of our time indoors. If the air inside homes, schools, and other buildings is unhealthy, people can experience serious health effects. Odorless threats such as radon and carbon monoxide can be deadly. Fumes produced by common household products can cause a variety of symptoms, including serious diseases such as cancer. Mold growth inside homes can be a niusance and a cause for allergies and asthma. For this reason, throughout the year 2016, the Wiyot Tribe Natural Resource Department conducted an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) needs assessment. This documents aims to discover what IAQ issues the Wiyot Tribe faces.


This effort was made possible with funds from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) General Assistance Program (GAP).


If you are a Wiyot Tribal member and have concerns about your Indoor Air Quality, please don't hesistate to email Patty Torres or call her at the Tribal office 707-733-5055.