Solid Waste Management

The Natural Resources Department has developed a solid waste management program that includes community-wide curbside garbage, recycling, and compost pickup, augmented by ongoing waste reduction education.

Vehicle Abatement

While encouraging community residents to manage their household waste responsibly, the department further bolstered the solid waste program with a vehicle abatement component. Between regular abatement monitoring on the reservation and vehicle abatement amnesty events in collaboration with the County of Humboldt and California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB), the Natural Resources Department has coordinated proper removal of nearly 200 non-operational vehicles since 2000. The department has also installed a used motor oil / oil filter / antifreeze collection facility on the reservation to ensure that these wastes are disposed of properly and recycled.

Car Cleanup

Cleanup of the Old Table Bluff Reservation

In 2002, the department managed a massive cleanup of the old Table Bluff Reservation. Funded with $188,000 from California Integrated Waste Management Board, the Tribe removed 1400 cubic yards of household trash and construction debris, 25 cubic yards of appliances, 80 cubic yards of hazardous waste, 10 cubic yards of asbestos, 400 cubic yards of metal debris, 100 cubic yards of tires, 5 cubic yards of vehicle parts, and some 25 abandoned vehicles. While the Tribe has certainly made efforts to protect its lands and the environment, controlling illegal dumping remains a difficult challenge.