Tribal Water Resources

In addition to the present reservation lands of the Wiyot people, the Tribe also has interest in protecting the water resources of the "old reservation", located at the south edge of Table Bluff; the Tribe's land on Indian Island, located in Humboldt Bay; and Cock Robin Island, located in the Eel River Estuary and acquired by the Tribe in 2006.


Among many threats to the Tribe's various water resources are industrial contamination from lumber treatment, toxic compound production from illicit methamphetamine production, illegal dumping, inadequate septic systems, erosion, agricultural runoff, and automobile-related pollution. Some of the chemical constituents the tribe samples for include semi-volatile organic compounds, dioxin, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), petroleum hydrocarbons, nitrates, phosphates, and toxic metals.

Tribal Water Resources Map