Wiyot signs

Below are Wiyot words and phrases that have been displayed on lighted signs in the Soulatluk (language) and Tsek Houdaqh (youth program) offices in 2020, along with playable audio where available. 

Download a printable copy of all of the signs displayed in 2019 (with QR codes for audio)!

Except where otherwise noted, the person speaking is Della Prince; also except where noted, all audio is excerpted from Wiyot language recordings archived at UC Berkeley’s California Language Archive:


wayits_siswuptSpoken by Tsek Houdaqh participants:

yil_gutslhawil~No audio (yet)~
This is from Jeremiah Curtin’s (1889) field notes (Wiyot speaker unknown).
2020~No audio (yet)~
Based on Reichard’s & Teeter’s explanations of counting in Wiyot, this is one way to say ’2020’, meaning literally ’twenty hundreds [2000], twenty again’.