27. Words with the "sh" sound


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shabelSpoken by Della Prince:

shaburrSpoken by Della Prince:

shawedi’Spoken by Della Prince:

shounarrThis word is a combination of the preverb shou meaning roughly 'I wish that' or 'I want ___ to happen', and the pronoun hinarr 'we'.
Spoken by Della Prince:

shou_laliSpoken by Della Prince:

wishashkMrs. Prince pronounces this word wishash (without a final -k), but many other speakers, including Elsie Barto and Amos Riley, pronounced it wishashk (with a final -k). This is a regular variation that extends to many words: for example, Nettie Rossig pronounced 'strawberry' lashk, while Mrs. Prince pronounced it lash.
Spoken by Della Prince: