This narrative was told by Della Prince and published in Teeter, Karl V. & John D. Nichols (1993), Wiyot Handbook. Memoir 10, Algonquian and Iroquoian Linguistics. Winnipeg: Department of Linguistics, University of Manitoba, p. 14. Spellings have been converted to the approved Wiyot writing system, and English translations have been modified to sound more natural.

This narrative describes how raccoons search for fruit to eat. Download a printable copy of the story in Wiyot with English translations (includes links to the full audio recording).

Wiyot (Della Prince)English

1. Chvelhighujaji’.


2. Hapay, gou gawu lup.

The fruit starts to get ripe again.

3. Gish gou gawu dawilhamilh gitga, hapay.

He looks at it in vain.

4. Da gawu dawikuvilh, houwe’sanu’l, hi gou rrou’ru’sanadilh.

He starts to look for fruit, he holds up his hand.

5. Qis gawu guwarrawalilh, houwe’sanu’l, juwa yulh hapay, da qis gawu lup

His hand suddenly starts to quiver, where the berries are ripe.

6. Juwa gitga va laplhilh.

That’s where he’s going to go to pick them.