COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive Program [ENDED 10/25/2023]

REVISED 2023-01-11

COVID-19 (with variants) continues to negatively affect our communities. And a recent study from Princeton University finds that COVID has disproportionately negatively affected the Native American community by lower life expectancy. [Life Expectancy Drops for Native Americans Due to COVID-19, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs].

The vaccine for COVID-19 has been deemed effective and vital to protect ourselves and our communities from this virus, and to end the pandemic. Vaccines and boosters are now also available for anyone starting at age 5 and up, teens, adults and Elders.

To support the health of the Wiyot Tribe, we would like to thank you for getting your vaccination against COVID-19. Enrolled Citizens of the Tribe are eligible to receive up-to $400 for getting vaccinated:

  • Vaccinations
    • Single-dose vaccination - $200 total; OR
    • Double-dose vaccination - $100 for each dose, total of $200
    • Triple-dose vaccination (Pfizer, age 6m to 4y) - $66.67, $66.67, $66.66 for 1st-2nd-3rd dose, total of $200
  • Boosters
    • 1st booster - $100
    • 2nd booster - $100

To apply for the incentive, complete the application and submit to Peggy Orcutt or Brian Bolden at Health & Human Services at 1000 Wiyot Dr, Loleta, CA 95551, fax to 707-733-5601, or call them for more information at (707) 733-5055.

COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive Program Application

The Federal government continues to make vaccinations free of cost to everyone, and most health clinics and pharmacies are making it available. If you have any questions or concerns about the vaccination or the vaccination booster, consult your primary care physician or the Department of Public Health. Please follow the guidelines of the vaccinations and vaccination booster given to you by the health professional.

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