Tsek Houdaqh (Where the Children Are)

Tsek Houdaqh frontTsek Houdaqh Sign

Tsek Houdaqh is the children's center at Table Bluff Reservation which provides a positive place to inspire and enable young people to realize their full potential as productive, responsible an caring Citizens by celebrating their culture and community, enjoying healthy fun with their peers, and to learn new skills and self-confidence under the guidance of responsible adults.

Tsek Houdaqh is partly funded by the Bureau of Indian Education through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Johnson O’Malley programs offered to American Indian and Alaska Native students vary and may include such programs as culture, language, academics and dropout prevention

Our Key Elements are:

  • Safe, Positive Environment
  • Fun
  • Culture
  • Improve academic achievement
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Supportive Relationships
  • Opportunities and Expectations
  • Recognition
  • Positive Self-Identity
  • Health and Well-being
  • Positive Values
  • Commitment to Learning
  • Social Competency
  • Cultural Competency

During the school year, we offer an after-school program from 3:15 PM to 6 PM. When children arrive at the program, a snack is offered and a dinner is available at 4 PM. The program offers fun and engaging activities as well as homework support.

During the summer it is a full-day program from 8 AM to 6 PM. The program offers engaging and fun activities to support your children's educational and social growth, with field trips throughout the Wigi (Humboldt Bay) area.

The program is open to all children enrolled in a federally recognized Native American Tribe and their siblings. Children of Wiyot Tribe employees are also welcome.

Tsek Houdaqh Membership Packet

For more information, contact Tsek Houdaqh staff 707-733-5055 or by email at tsek@wiyot.us.

California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) Chromebooks for K-12 Students

The Wiyot Tribe received Chromebooks through a grant by CETF for enrolled Wiyot children in grades Kindergarten to 12th Grade. The Chromebooks were to support students as they schooled from home during the COVID pandemic but also to have a tool through their academic years. There is one Chromebook per child only. To apply for one, please complete the CETF Chromebook Student and Parent Agreement and return to a Social Work Advocate at 1000 Wiyot Drive, Loleta, CA 95551,or fax to (707) 733-5601. Call (707) 733-5055 for more information.

CETF Chromebook Student and Parent Agreement

Youth Extra Curricular Reimbursement

The Wiyot Tribe received funding to help enrolled Wiyot children participate in extra curricular activities outside of school (sports, dance, art, STEM, Scouting, etc.). This can be used for joining fees or equipment. This opportunity will be open until funding is expired. Maximum reimbursement per child is $150.00. To apply, please complete the form below and return to a Social Work Advocate at 1000 Wiyot Drive, Loleta, CA 95551,or fax to (707) 733-5601. Call (707) 733-5055 for more information.

Youth Extra Curricular Reimbursement