Dishgamu Humboldt Community Land Trust


Lalilh (river): Mission - the river that carries our work forward

Dishgamu Humboldt is the Community Land Trust of the Wiyot Tribe, operating in what is known today as the Humboldt Bay Area of Northern California. 

We facilitate the return of Wiyot ancestral lands to Wiyot stewardship, putting land in trust for the purposes of environmental and cultural restoration, regenerative economic development, and affordable housing creation.

Land Back
We work with community, capital, and government partners to return land to tribal ownership. Using the community land trust model, we direct land use towards three impact areas:

Regenerative Economic Development
We practice inclusive and non-extractive economic development, including using our projects to create local living-wage jobs and green building training programs.

Affordable Housing Creation
We develop and preserve affordable and sustainable housing to allow Wiyot people to remain in their homelands while addressing our region’s dual crises of housing and climate change. 

Environmental and Cultural Restoration
We prioritize projects that protect and restore land with ecological, cultural, or ceremonial significance in collaboration with Wiyot Tribal Departments.

As a tribal community land trust, land is at the center of everything we do. By using the CLT model, we maintain Wiyot ownership in perpetuity, remove land from the speculative market, and direct its use in ways that build community and individual wealth.


We aim to restore Wiyot people to their rightful place in relationship with their ancestral land.  Wiyot language and ceremony are an active, thriving part of the cultural landscape, where Wiyot place names are restored recognized and where intertribal Indigenous communities have affordable housing, living wage jobs.  Dishgamu Humboldt is centered in Jaroujiji (Eureka, CA), the ancestral homeland of the Wiyot Tribe, now known as the Humboldt Bay area.  Dishgamu Humboldt literally means Love Humboldt in Soulutluk, Wiyot Language. Here is a link to a recording of a native speaker pronouncing Dishgamu