Rou Soulatlouy - Shouwa du lalhvi'yum? (health)

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NOTE: You will often see two or three different pronunciations of the same word or phrase by different speakers (or even by the same speaker at different times). This is normal, and neither pronunciation is more "correct" than the other! We give both/all pronunciations to show the richness and variety of Soulatluk, and to honor all of the elder speakers who recorded the language.

* indicates a phrase that was reconstructed by language staff, based on similar phrases by elder speakers.

Shouwa dulalhvi’yum? [DP-kt]How are you feeling?
1. Hilaqh gouts gou lalh. [JS-gr]I feel good today.
2. Gouts ya ka lalhvi? [DP-kt]

(Spoken by Della Prince)
Don’t you feel good?
3. Gurra bichi lalhuvik.[EB-gr]
Gurra bich lalhve. [??-jc]
I don’t feel well.
4. Lhu galhitsgurraw.[EB?-gr, DP-kt]

(Spoken by Della Prince)
Galhitsgurral. [JS-gr]
I’m tired.
5. Shwiwayat. [EB-gr]I’m tired and hungry.
6. (Yil) da rruqil. [EB-gr]I’m sick. (“something happens to me”)
7. Huqhawulu’.[EB-gr]

I have a cold.
8. Vusaqh.[EB-gr]

I have a fever.
9. Sighutk. / Sighutgous. [EB-gr]I have a headache.
10. Yil da’gh jaqiluwililh.*My stomach aches.
11. daqha’n hilatwilh [EB-gr]
daqha’nulatwilh [DP-kt] 
(Spoken by Della Prince)
traditional Wiyot doctor
12. huwighurruk da laguvilh [DP-kt]
white/Western doctor
13. da wanuqi’ gou da dou’wouluwouy [DP-kt]
hospital (“where you take sick people”)
14. Nashgit mi gou wenoutwut!*
I hope you get better soon!

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