Cultural Activities

Community Education

Would your organization or school like to learn about Wiyot history and culture? The Community Education project can teach on a variety of topics, geared to your group's needs and interests. The Wiyot Tribe would like to offer its services to your classrooms or organizations in presenting Native perspectives on culture and history on the North Coast. Wiyot ancestral lands extend from Little River to the north, Bear River Ridge to the south, and inland to Chalk Mountain and Berry Summit. This area was home to the Wiyot for thousands of years prior to Eurpoean settlement, and includes the entire Humboldt Bay region and associated waterways.

Native history is part of our shared heritage and community, and Wiyot culture remains living and dynamic to this day. The tribe would be pleased to share their stories with your group in an interactive setting. We can incorporate audio visual materials, examples of artifacts, and stories into any presentation. From environmental justice issues to state standards in public school curriculum, the tribe is pleased to come to your meetings or classroom. Please contact us.