Men's Camp


Men's Camp Motto: Wiyot Men's Camp purpose is to take care of the Elders and bring back our Culture.

Beginning of the Camp

Men's Camp was started in 2006 by Ted Hernandez and Alan Miller to draw in the boys of the Wiyot Tribe both on and off the reservation and teach them how to work with wood, cut wood for elders, learn songs of old and drumming to accompany them. Men's camp has enlisted Bruce Kay to assist in teaching drumming and songs to the boys. They performed for Wiyot Day singing the "Coming Home" song led by Cheryl Seidner and Ted Hernandez.

More Information

Email Ted Hernandez for further information.


Pictured is Phil Albers who is a drum maker. He presented the Wiyot Tribe with 3 drums he made out of elk skin. The skin is processed and stretched to fit the frame. Some skins are thinner, some thicker and the difference produces a different tone.

Phil Albers
Mens Camp group photo