Soulatluk (Wiyot Language)

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Soulatluk_2022_04 Opens in new windowNEW!! Check out the Soulatluk learning materials page for video links, downloadable vocabulary, & more!

Marnie Atkins & Lynnika Butler host virtual Soulatluk classes online on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of every month from 4:00-5:00 p.m. Wiyot community members, check the community calendar for a Zoom link and join us next time! 

If you can't participate live, the learning materials page has links to all of our recorded video lessons, along with printable vocabulary pages and brief descriptions of lesson content. 

"Rou Soulatlouy" Wiyot Conversation Book Project


The Wiyot Tribe has received a 2-year grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to create a Wiyot Conversation Book. 

We are calling the project "Rou Soulatlouy", which means "we all speak Wiyot".


COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 health risks, Rou Soulatlouy meetings are not being held in person. Contact Lynnika at if you are interested in suggesting conversation topics, narrating conversations (compensation provided!) for the online version of the book, or otherwise participating remotely. If you would like to meet via Zoom or Skype, contact Lynnika to set up a time. We can purchase a limited number of webcams for tribal members who have internet at home & would like to hold occasional virtual workshops! We continue to work on the topics that have been proposed so far, and to post updated materials on the Rou Soulatlouy project page and on the Tribe’s Facebook page. Thank you for your patience, and be well/stay safe!

Check out the Rou Soulatlouy page for more information and materials that we have created from our workshops & online feedback!

Counting in Soulatluk

2019-20 Language Calendar


NEW! Counting in Wiyot


Language signs


Lhatsik Houmoulu'l (Cultural Department) Sign & Vocabulary

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Weaver Denman audio


Della Prince audio

Della Prince - closeup

Nettie Rossig audio

Nettie Rossig

Free Soulatluk Materials for Tribal Members

I have a number of language-related mini-"publications" available for Wiyot tribal members who would like to know more about the language. These are language materials which I have cleaned up and converted to standard Soulatluk spellings from their original (often handwritten) format. Please email Lynnika Butler for a free copy of any of the following:

  • An 1889 Wiyot vocabulary recorded by Jeremiah Curtis (booklet with index)
  • A 1924 Wiyot vocabulary recorded by Edward S Curtis (short booklet, no index)
  • Selected Wiyot stories in English and Soulatluk (as recorded by A.L. Kroeber, Gladys Reichard, Karl Teeter and others)
  • Transcripts of Soulatluk audio recordings (the complete audio recordings are available to download through UC Berkeley's California Language Archive (or you can email Lynnika to request copies on a CD-ROM); we have transcripts of over 30 word lists and are working to transcribe the remaining lists)
  • A variety of flash cards, phrase lists, and bookmarks for learning vocabulary, pronunciation, and some sentences. Many have QR codes that link to online audio.