Rourraguou' Muk (All My Relations) - Family Violence Prevention Services

Individual and family counseling is available to our enrolled Tribal members and their families. These services are designed to help families overcome difficult challenges in life.  These services are available by phone, video conferencing, and 1:1 visitation outside of Table Bluff Reservation.  Appointments are prioritized on need. Call Peggy Orcutt at Health & Human Services at 707-733-5055 for more information.

Eel River Effective Learning Option for Non-Violence (EEL-ON)

 A batterers intervention program created by the Wiyot Tribe Health & Human Services Department as to provide skills and support to participants to learn how to create a more safe home for their family.

Motherhood/Fatherhood  is Sacred 

A 12-week program that assists fathers, mothers, and families to fully realize their potential.  The curriculum offers participants the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of responsible fatherhood as reflected in Native American values and beliefs.  There is an immediate need to bring Native American men back to strengthening families— they are the greatest untapped resource. Fathers are the solution to the problems that face Native communities and must take the leading role in keeping their families together. Contact Peggy Orcutt at Health & Human Services at 707-733-5055 for more information and to sign-up.

Talking Circles

Mens' - (ON HOLD)


Counseling Intern, Jennifer Boak, is inviting our female Citizens (age 18+) to meet for Talking Circle at the Table Bluff Community Center. This is a space for women to meet and to be able to share with each other, to bond about issues important to them, their relationships, their families and their community. Call Peggy Orcutt at Health & Human Services at 707-733-5055 for more information and to sign up.


Health & Human Services and Tsek Houdaqh children's program be partnered for Counseling Intern, Jennifer Boak, to host a Talking Circle with your children. Participants have the opportunity to make new friends and learn social skills and problem solving skills. To be eligible, your child must first be enrolled with Tsek Houdaqh. For more information, contact Hazel James at the Cultural Department at 707-733-5055 and to sign up.

United Indian Health System also is offering Talking Circles through their Behavioral Health Department:

UIHS Talking Circle age 18+

UIHS Talking Circle age 55+

Positive Indian Parenting

A 9-week Program which was written and developed to help clients regain a connection with their culture and learn a blend of old parenting patterns and new skills. Lessons include: Traditional Parenting, Lessons of the Storyteller, Lessons of the Cradleboard, Harmony in Child Rearing, Traditional Behavior Management, Lessons of Mother Nature, Praise in Traditional Parenting, Choices in Parenting, and Reflection.

 Linking Generations by Strengthening Relationships

A 14-week program that assists fathers, mothers, and families in enhancing their capacity to promote strong, healthy, and positive relationships (i.e. marriage, families, friendships, etc).  Building relationships is an important key to success in all aspects of our lives. Some of life’s greatest happiness and greatest sorrow come from relationships we have with others in our families and communities.

For further information on these programs or to sign-up, contact Peggy at Health & Human Services Department at 707-733-5055.

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