Rou Soulatlouy - Ha'wa'lou (greetings)

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NOTE: You will often see two or three different pronunciations of the same word or phrase by different speakers (or even by the same speaker at different times). This is normal, and neither pronunciation is more "correct" than the other! We give both/all pronunciations to show the richness and variety of Soulatluk, and to honor all of the elder speakers who recorded the language.

* indicates a phrase that was reconstructed by language staff, based on similar phrases by elder speakers.

0.  Ha'wa'lou! [contemporary Wiyot community]
(Spoken by Michelle Hernandez)
He'belou'! [JS-gr]
1.  Rri’nuk _____. [DP-kt]
(Spoken by Lynnika Butler - linguist)
My name is _____.
2.  Shouwa (kil) rri’num?[DP-kt]
(Spoken by Lynnika Butler - linguist)
What’s your name?
3.  Yil Soulatluk. [AR-jh]
(Spoken by Della Prince - 2 recordings spliced together)
I am a Wiyot person.
4.  (Yil) Wiya’t / Wigi / Baduwa’t darrudalilh.[JJ-gr, DP-kt]
(Wiya't darrudalilh spoken by Della Prince)
I am from Eel River / Humboldt Bay / Mad River.
5.  Qhili da. [EB-gr]I live here.
6.  Yil da Jaroujiji / Goudi’ni / Guduwalha’t. [??-jc]I live in Eureka / Arcata / Loleta.
7.  Duwa yilh ha werrouwu’m? [EB-gr]Where are you from?
8.  Hichurraviw ku wulasuk.[EB-gr]
Vudavi’m ku wulasuk. [EB-gr]
I’m glad to see you.
9.  Hijurraviw ku douwuk.[EB-gr]
Vudavi’m ku douwuk.
I’m glad you came.
10. Himurrivilh lughi gitga. [AR-gr]I’m going to leave soon.
11. Wi gou mi wulas.*I’ll see you again soon.
12. Jouwaksh.[DP-kt]
(Spoken by Della Prince)
Juwaksh. [JS-gr, DP-kt]

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