Rou Soulatlouy - Tsek du luqutouwilh (school)

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NOTE: You will often see two or three different pronunciations of the same word or phrase by different speakers (or even by the same speaker at different times). This is normal, and neither pronunciation is more "correct" than the other! We give both/all pronunciations to show the richness and variety of Soulatluk, and to honor all of the elder speakers who recorded the language.

* indicates a phrase that was reconstructed by language staff, based on similar phrases by elder speakers.

Tsek du luqutouwilh [??-jc]
school (“where children are taught”)
1. Douwa da svulhamut?*
Where do you go to school? ("where are you reading?")
2. [Guduwalha’t, Vutsuwitk Da’l, Jaroujiji...] da svulham.*
I go to school ("I read") in [Loleta/Fortuna/Eureka].
3. Shouwa hanughurruk da svulhamut?*
How long have you been going to school/reading (what grade are you in?)
4. [Goutse, rritve, rrikve, rrame] guluvughurruk.*
[1, 2, 3, 4] years (1st/2nd/3rd/4th grade).
5. [We’sagh, duklhulouk, ha’luw] hulu ve guluvughurruk.*
[5, 6, 7] years (5th/6th/7th grade).
6. [Hiwi’duw, vushurouk, rrulouk] hulu ve guluvughurruk.*
[8, 9, 10] years (8th/9th/10th grade).
7. [Ve goutse, ve rritve] guluvughurruk.*
[11, 12] years (11th/12th/grade).
8. Qilhwa da luqoutwasilh?*
Who is your teacher? (“Who teaches you?”)
9. Da luqoutwililh _______.*
My teacher is _______. (“___ teaches me.”)
10. Gouts ya da luqoutwasouy?*
Are you doing well in school? (“Are they teaching you well?”)
11. Gouts da luqoutwal.*
I’m doing well in school. (“I’m being taught well.”)
12. Gouts rruqhe’ svelham.*
I’m good at reading. (“I can read well.”)
13. Gouts rruqhe’ bishwu.*
I’m good at math. (“I can count well.”)
14. Gaqou’m rrou wu rruqhimunuwuk. [DP-kt]
I’m good at writing. (“I know how to write.”)

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